(This is the latest bio used by Greyhart Press)

Paul’s publishing history includes a short story in Dark Horizons, (The British Fantasy Society’s fiction magazine) about a farm that bred humans for meat. More recently a story of his was featured in issue 13 of Murky Depths magazine. This joyful piece was a satire on euthanasia entitled Do Not Resuscitate. In October 2010 one of his stories was included in the anthology Shoes, Ships and Cadavers: Tales from Northlondonshire. Edited by Ian Whates and Ian Watson with an introduction by Alan Moore (a Kindle version of this anthology is being considered by NewCon Press for release during 2011).

During spring 2011, Greyhart Press released a couple of Paul’s short stories as e-books (Fearworld and Necroforms), and followed this up in July with Babel, a short story that introduces the #Skyfire space opera/ horror universe.
In the Skyfire Saga, Paul deploys his unique blend of darkly cynical humor, and shambolic anti-heroes that somehow manage (sometimes) to triumph against the odds. Underneath the hellish set pieces, the page-turning plots, and the filthy Skyfirean vernacular, there lies a rich spiritual vein that underpins Paul’s writing. Any similarities between Paul’s anti-heroes and himself are purely coincidental.

The first Skyfirean novel, Terminus, will be released by Greyhart Press in fall 2011.

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