‘Real’ as opposed to Eee.

28 May

After several months away I’ve actually figured out what my password for my blog was and got in. As I’m in I feel I should update you. Recently, my publisher and editor bought round four paperback editions of my novel ‘Terminus’. They were actually real books as opposed to ‘Eee’. It was like holding a new-born infant. However, I’ve got to lend them to friends to review and said friends will put said reviews on Amazon. However….I WANT TO KEEP THEM ALL, KEEP MY BABIES, THEY MUST NEVER LEAVE HOME. I have to fight this impulse because I need reviews. So far I’ve compiled a list of people who will be reviewing the book. I’ve also compiled a list of people I won’t be lending it to.

Graham Harris – because he only reads stuff by Andy McNabb.
My Aunt – because she’ll lose it in her cluttered spinster dwelling.
My sister – in – law – because I leant her Perdido Street Station and never got it back.
Mrs Green next door – because it’ll give her nightmares.
The bloke by the war memorial who drinks White Lightning and always asks me for a quid whenever I walk past.

Finally a note on the phrase ‘Eee’ which I’ve invented. Sounds bloody stupid, doesnt it. Yeah, well, so does Google, Wii and Yahoo but we all got used to using those words pretty quickly. Wii? Honestly, am I really the only one that still sniggers when someone says ‘I had a Wii for Christmas’?

2 Responses to “‘Real’ as opposed to Eee.”

  1. fibrochimp May 28, 2012 at 8:39 pm #

    I felt the same way about the proofs, god help me when the real thing turns up… am building a bunker in the garden as we speak.
    As for Wii… my youngest asked every Christmas til we finally caved in and started getting a little miffed to say the least when I kept telling him he knew where the loo was and didn’t need to wait til Christmas. Eee is better than Bing… the only search engine run on a microwave.

  2. newquynh November 18, 2013 at 7:40 am #


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