Weird Creatures

30 Sep

In today’s blog I am introducing you to the weird creatures that populate the planet of Thanatos One, one of thirteen worlds in the Thanatos system. Before I start I’d like to warn readers to NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GO TO THE PLANET OF THANATOS ONE. EVER. TO GO THERE IS CERTAIN DEATH! Anyway, this mysterious alien system features in the e-novel Terminus by Paul Melhuish (available today from Greyhartpress).

Thanatos One has a breathable atmosphere and is densely forested, the type  your mother warned you never to go into. There’s a strange walled castle with twin jutting towers that you are enticed to enter (You really, really don’t want to go in there if you know what’s good for you)  To get there you will have to pass through the forest where real evil lurks. Here’s what waits for you…

Plaguewraiths – guard dogs of Thanatos One except they look nothing like dogs. They have six legs, hands for feet and no outer covering leaving the muscles and sinew  exposed. They are slimy to the touch. Yuk

Gravesnakes –  the body of a giant millipede whose head and legs look  human to the eye. Also slimy to the touch.

The Virgins of the Abyss – they live in the moat of darkness around the Spires of the Thirteen. They appear to you as innocent children until you turn the lights off, then they change into something hideous that wants to lay its eggs in your body. Scaley to the touch.

The Thirteen – so-called because there’s thirteen of them. Imagine if man had evolved from Spiders and not from apes (or wolves as some believe. At least Eric from the pub does). You’d have a bipedal arachnid with six eyes. They are all this and much, much worse.

 As a writer I love the challenge of creating  weird creatures in my imagination then transcribing them to the page.          I started to include weird creatures in my fiction when I began studying to become an Occupational Therapist.              My training included the study of anatomy and physiology, when I invent  creatures I try to anatomically distance them from anything human. The creatures must have more than two eyes and more than two legs (apart from The Thirteen which are bipedal) Even the Thanaton spaceships are drawn from my studies of anatomy: they are designed to look like rib cages.

So in conclusion, never go to Thanatos One. Instead read the handy guide Terminus by Paul Melhuish. At £2.30 it’s less than a pint of beer. Well, a pint of beer in an expensive pub, and it lasts longer!


2 Responses to “Weird Creatures”

  1. shadolrds November 12, 2011 at 8:46 pm #

    And unlike a Pint of Beer, it can be saved for later things. Unlike draining the pint of beer, it can be used for starting Signal Fires if lost on Thanatos One. You could also use it instead of the Native Leaves, because there is no going Back once you use a Native Leaf, you never really know until you feel it what the Native Leaf Left Behind, once you have read it of course!


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